Discipline, work and passion are the characteristics of Edgar Salazar, a young photographer specializing in alternative photographic processes. His passion for photography began when he was 3 years old, his father helped him take his first photographs with his old Canon camera.

It is curious how the action of pressing a button can engage so much, since then Edgar's life has been governed by photography.

He began his studies of Artistic Photography in 2010 at the EASD Antonio Failde in Ourense, where he acquired the necessary preparation to develop his career as a photographer.

In 2013 after finishing his studies, his career focuses on the commercial field, making catalogs for various fashion brands, at the same time he continues his artistic adventure shooting medium format reels with a Bronica Etrsi.

After several years with this routine, he decides in 2015 to embark on an adventure in which he will fulfill one of his dreams, learn the old photographic procedures of the 19th century, and he moves to Vitoria-Gasteiz where, together with various masters and artisans from the photography, learn different photographic processes and research their histories to understand these processes.

It is not until 2017 when his work on film truly bears fruit, winning the Anologue Photography Awards, exhibiting one of his works collectively at the Bartcelona Art Gallery directed by David Pujado based in Belgrade, Servia.

Edgar currently works as an artistic photographer with these procedures and is a teacher teaching his knowledge to different people who want to learn the beautiful and little-known photographic processes of the 19th century.